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KJ Detailing

Platinum Detail

Platinum Detail

Signature Detail PLUS:

  • Full car polish
  • Headlight restoration
  • Full car steam
  • UV Protectants
  • Headliner stain treatment
  • Free mobile service

*$50 additional fee for oversized vehicles (over 5,400 lbs.)

Or for a more in depth explanation:

Introducing Our Platinum Detail:

Elevate your car's appearance and comfort with our complete service.

What's Included in the Platinum Detail:

Full Car Wash: We start by washing your exterior with a 6-step car wash ensuring the safety of your paint and prioritizing the shine of your car.

Tire and Wheel Clean: During the full car wash, we add on a 5-step tire and wheel clean including tire dressing to prevent your tires from cracking and boost your tires longevity.

Streak-Free Window Clean: After finishing the car wash, we make sure all windows, windshields, and sun roofs are crystal clear.

Removal of All Paint Contaminants: Once the car is washed, we go through with a synthetic clay bar which decontaminates your paint and restores a shine.

Full Car Polish: With the paint decontaminated, we use our orbital buffer to effectively remove and clear coat scratches and restore and faded paint.

Graphene Wax Coat: Now that the paint looks and feels brand new again, we seal it with a graphene wax coat.

Headlight Restoration: Similar to the full car polish, we go through our same 2-step polishing process to remove any fog on the headlights.

Full Interior Vacuum: With the exterior complete, we move on to the interior starting with a full interior vacuum.

Interior Vinyl Treatment: We then treat all vinyl surfaces in your car using deep cleaners.

Dashboard and Console Deep Cleaning: Similar to the vinyl treatment, we'll use the same process to make sure both the dashboard and console look and feel brand new.

Carpet Shampoo: To remove any unpleasant odors and stains, we then use an extractor vacuum to deep clean the carpets.

Full Seat Detail: Depending on if your seats are cloth or leather, we use our 2 or 3 step process to full clean your seats.

Full Car Steam: By getting your car fully steamed, any bacteria and germs are sanitized and killed leaving you safe from potential disease and sickness.

UV Protectants: Another safety measure we take with the Platinum Detail is UV Protectants to preserve your health from things like skin cancer.

Headliner Stain Treatment: We then gently treat your headliner and effectively remove any stains.

KJ Detailing Gift Basket: As our way to say thanks for choosing KJ Detailing, we'll provide a gift basket at no additional charge!

Free Mobile Service: Lastly, by purchasing the platinum detail, you have the option to get a mobile detail without additional fees.

Why Choose Our Platinum Detail?

The Platinum Detail was created for the car owner who doesn't just want a vehicle to take them places, but for the person who wants a vehicle that they can be comfortable, safe, and happy with, through thick and thin. The average person drives 1,583 days (38,000 hours) so why not make each drive count.


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